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A Year of Zero Lost Workdays: Safety Recognition for our 600+ Workforce!

Safety and Health Committee meetings to review regulations and train employees on safety procedures.

Hazard evaluations are conducted for specific fieldwork and are provided in the Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan for the specific field event.

The Office Safety Representatives will see that Ninyo & Moore’s system for monitoring workplace conditions includes the steps above.

Ninyo & Moore’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) addresses the current Covid-19 pandemic and outlines safe field/office practices.

Ninyo & Moore is a member of ISNetworld and Avetta to ensure safer job sites for our clients.

Safety is Key: Management’s Commitment

The health and safety of our employees, whether in the field or office, takes precedence over other concerns. The goal is to reduce the risk of accidents, personal injury and occupational illness, and to comply with safety and health standards. Ninyo & Moore has a written occupational Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) prepared in response to Senate Bill 198, which became effective July 1, 1991. It also contains general safe practices, and specific safety procedures, including written hazard communication and respiratory protection programs, emergency procedures, and medical surveillance-health assessment criteria.

To implement and administer the IIPP, Ninyo & Moore has a Safety Committee in place, which consists of the Corporate Safety Director and Safety Representatives from each office. Select individuals from the committee meet quarterly or more often, as-needed. Safety and Health Committee meetings are documented and these documents are retained in each Safety Representative’s office. Management periodically reviews regulations and regulatory changes in order to maintain compliance with state, federal, and local laws.

Job Hazard Analysis

Before hazards can be avoided or corrected and accidents prevented, they need to be recognized. Job hazard analyses (JHA) are performed for jobs with special conditions requiring specific safety training and procedures; for jobs that have been determined to be “high risk”; and for jobs where a client has indicated the need for a JHA. Much of the work falling under the HAZWOPER standard (29 CFR§1910.120) requires a hazard analysis.

Hazard evaluations are conducted for specific fieldwork and are provided in the Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan, when appropriate, for the specific field event. Evaluations of previous work have resulted in the establishment of General Safe Work Practices for the company. Evaluators can use three forms: the Hazard Assessment Form, the Hazard Abatement Record, and the Hazard Evaluation Form for General Work Areas and Specific Job Safety Classes to periodically update the safe work practices and procedures. These periodic assessments and procedures for correction provide a method of recognizing existing or potential hazards in the work place and reducing them. Often, hazards are classified or ranked based on severity.

The success of our IIPP depends upon the actions of both management and the employees. All employees are trained to be qualified to perform and know the hazards of their particular work. Our training program lets employees know:

  • Safe work procedures, and how these procedures protect them against exposure
  • When Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be used, how to use it, and how to maintain it
  • What to do in case of emergency
  • How to recognize an unsafe working environment and reporting procedures
  • How to safely work with toxic chemicals and work site equipment

Covid-19 Safety Practices

Ninyo & Moore has prepared an addendum to our IIPP addressing the current Covid-19 pandemic. This addendum addresses safe field and office practices that include:

  • Social distancing and limiting the number of personnel within a confined space
  • Utilizing video conferencing in place of in-person meetings to limit person to person contact
  • Providing personnel with PPE such as face coverings and gloves
  • Equipping personnel with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes etc. so that routine cleaning / disinfecting of self and work areas can be performed
  • Providing bottled water for personnel to limit cross contamination
  • Sanitizing work trucks before and after use


Ninyo & Moore is a member of ISNetworld, which is an online repository for safety statistics, insurance, qualifications, quality and regulatory information for contractors and suppliers which streamlines the compliance process for hundreds of Hiring Clients globally. ISNetworld facilitates partnerships to help ensure safer job sites.


Ninyo & Moore is a member of Avetta, which provides supply chain management solutions. Avetta offers supplier prequalification and document management, auditing, insurance monitoring, and safety reporting and compliance. They serve the oil and gas, utility, telecommunications, transportation, and manufacturing sectors worldwide.

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