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Petco Park Infrastructure Improvements Project

Ninyo & Moore provided environmental and geotechnical engineering design services associated with the City of San Diego Ballpark Project known as Petco Park. This project included the construction of new infrastructure improvements to support the 42,000-seat major league, open air, grass baseball stadium and ancillary East Village Redevelopment projects being constructed in downtown San Diego. The ballpark infrastructure project involved approximately 26 blocks of downtown property and included demolition of existing roadways and structures, and construction of new streets, sidewalks, parking structures, utility tunnels, and utilities.

Ninyo & Moore’s geotechnical services included an extensive evaluation of the subsurface soils and geologic conditions; geotechnical design analyses, including seismicity and liquefaction potential; and provision of recommendations for earthwork and construction procedures. Our environmental services included review of Phase I, Phase II, and remedial action plans, data, and recommendations; preparation of hazardous materials bid specifications; development of a protocol for the evaluation, monitoring, and documentation of 750,000 to 1,000,000 cubic yards of export soil; and preparation of a hazardous materials response plan which included contaminated soil reuse criteria, monitoring and coordinating removal actions, and providing liaison with the San Diego Department of Health Services, the California EPA-designated lead agency for the project.

Ninyo & Moore also performed Hazardous Building Materials Surveys of 24 parcels of land, comprising approximately 38 buildings located within the new Ballpark Infrastructure Project. Due to access issues, the variety of facilities, and building ages at the site, this complex survey required careful planning and coordination between members of the survey team, client, and tenants. The field work portion of the survey included the collection of over 2,000 bulk samples of suspected asbestos- and lead-based paint building materials. We worked closely with the City of San Diego and CivicSD (formerly known as Centre City Development Corporation) staff to accomplish this task within the allocated four-week time frame. The Ninyo & Moore project team completed this massive undertaking within budget and on schedule, which resulted in commendations by Sverdrup (now Jacobs) and by the City of San Diego.


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