Markets: Energy & Power

Ninyo & Moore provides geotechnical, environmental and materials testing and inspection services for some of the largest energy and power providers on the West Coast. We have provided these services for such projects as solar arrays, waste-to-energy, wind, geothermal, photovoltaic/thermal, biofuel, hydroelectric, compressor stations, gas turbine plants, oil and gas pipelines, distribution lines, fiber optic cables, overhead transmission lines, substations, transmission towers and underground transmission lines. We are members of ISNetworld, a safety site frequently utilized by energy and power service providers.

Ninyo & Moore Market

Renewable Energy Generation

Ninyo & Moore is experienced in the design and construction of renewable energy projects such as biofuel, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, photovoltaic/thermal, solar arrays, waste-to-energy, and wind. We have provided services to a variety of energy clients, both large and small, as well as for projects in remote locations.

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Transmission & Distribution

Ninyo & Moore provides services for energy transmission and distribution projects including distribution lines, fiber optic cables, overhead transmission lines, offshore cables, substations, transmission towers, and underground transmission lines. Often these projects are located in remote areas that involve the transfer of equipment which is often done by helicopter. Our team of professionals are trained to react to these difficult project needs in order to successfully complete the project.

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Fossil Fuel

Ninyo & Moore provides a variety of consulting and construction phase services for fossil fuel projects such as compressor stations, gas turbine plants, and oil and gas pipelines. We provide these services for both government and private sector clients including internationally.

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