Markets: Urban & Community Development

Ninyo & Moore is extremely experienced in the provision of services for urban and community development projects including mixed-use development, parks and recreational facilities, parking structures, and hospitality developments. Understanding the needs of the community and the vision of the client is key. Our past work with housing commissions, redevelopment agencies, neighborhood groups, and municipalities provides us with the knowledge and understanding of the requirements needed for successful completion of these important projects.

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High-Rise Structures

Ninyo & Moore has provided both design and construction phase services for high-rise structures such as hotels and resorts, casinos, parking structures, educational facilities, commercial developments, judicial buildings, libraries, hospital and medical facilities, and other multi-story structures. Ninyo & Moore’s team of qualified professionals is experienced and understands the specific needs of these vertical structures, which can involve regional concerns such as seismic events.

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Ninyo & Moore offers a variety of consulting and construction phase services for hotels, resorts, and casinos. We are also experienced in all phases of development, design, construction, and rehabilitation of existing or historic properties into a hospitality focus. Many of these renovations uncover hazardous materials, which our staff are trained to identify and respond to.

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Multi-Family Mixed-Use Development

Ninyo & Moore understands the needs of the multi-family and mixed-use project development, which encompasses retail, office, and residential space. Ninyo & Moore’s qualified professionals work alongside teams of architects and developers to bring these hubs of activity to life.

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Parking Structures & Garages

Ninyo & Moore provides services for every type of parking structure. Whether a multilevel subterranean garage with dewatering concerns or a multi-story parking structure in a seismically active area, Ninyo & Moore has the experienced and knowledgeable staff to successfully complete these projects.

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Parks and Recreation

Ninyo & Moore is experienced in all phases of design, construction and rehabilitation of parks, gymnasiums, sports fields, beach facilities, comfort stations, nature centers, fairgrounds, and other infrastructure. Ninyo & Moore works with teams of architects, landscape architects, and public agencies to help create these active spaces.

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