Celebrating Hunter Garrison: ARPA Award Recipient


Celebrating Hunter Garrison: Recipient of the ARPA “Beating the Drum” Award  

The Beating the Drum Award symbolizes excellence, recognizing those who have offered tremendous support to the association and served with distinction.  Recipients of this award are individuals that have spent a significant amount of time on political issues, regulatory matters, community relations projects, or highly technical issues facing the industry.  They are noted for their overall expertise and diplomacy to create positive change for our members.  

This year, we are happy to honor Hunter Garrison as the recipient of the prestigious “Beating the Drum” for the ARPA Award.  Hunter's professionalism, dedication, and invaluable contributions have been impactful within our industry and much appreciated.  “ARPA admires his professionalism, dedication, and contributions to the Future Leaders Committee, Concrete Technical Committee, and various sub-committees.  He never misses an opportunity to participate in anything ARPA related and is a big proponent of the organization.”  We are thankful for his commitment to the organization and his passion for advocating its values.

Hunter's humble nature complements his experience, making him a truly valued member of our firm.  His energy and enthusiasm in everything he does has been a source of inspiration for the industry.  We congratulate Hunter Garrison for this well-deserved recognition and are honored to have him contributing to our shared vision for a positive future.




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