SDSU Huāxyacac Hall

Huāxyacac Hall offers double and triple occupancy rooms and apartments for the residential education staff, and includes six floors of above-grade student housing, a market/coffee area, and a community center.

Project Highlights:

  • Materials Testing
  • Special Inspection
  • 205,000 Square Feet of Residential, Outdoor, Market Space
  • 6-Story Residential Housing Structure

Ninyo & Moore provided materials testing and special inspection services for Huāxyacac Hall on the San Diego State University campus in San Diego, California. The New Student Residence Hall includes housing for more than 800 students, along with a market and coffee component that will serve the Huāxyacac Hall and Chapultepec Hall. The Hall includes multipurpose rooms, faculty offices, study areas, lounges, and a community kitchen. The project consists of 205,000 gross square footage of residential, outdoor, and market space. The residence hall and community center are constructed of reinforced concrete construction founded on deep foundations consisting of drilled concrete piers connected with grade beams.

Project Details


San Diego State University


San Diego, California

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