Clinton Terminal Concrete Silo Slip

During construction, a Mocking Bird nest (the State Bird of Texas) was discovered on the stairwell leading up the side of the silo. According to State Law, the nest could not be destroyed or moved, so the contractor protected the nest and it remained in place throughout construction, along with its precious contents.

Project Highlights:

  • Materials Testing
  • Special Inspection
  • 205 Foot Tall Silo
  • Construction Teams worked 24 Hours a Day over 11 Days (Silo Portion)
  • 100-Year Flood Protection
  • Materials Testing

Ninyo & Moore provided construction materials testing, observation, and special inspection services for the Clinton Terminal Concrete Silo Slip placement. Services included concrete sampling/testing for the foundation system; special inspection of reinforcing steel, high strength bolting and structural steel; and laboratory testing to evaluate the compressive strength of concrete samples. The silo portion of the project required the construction teams to work continually for 24 hours a day over the course of 11 days to place concrete for the 205-foot-high silo.

Project Details


Texas Lehigh Cement Company


Houston, Texas

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