Industry Neighborhood Parking Structure

The project includes construction of a seven-story, above-grade parking garage that will accommodate approximately 1,000 cars, and also includes future commercial tenant space. Columns and walls are supported on driven steel pipe piles and shallow spread foundations, with a reinforced slab-on-grade on level 1. Levels 2 through 7 of the structure will consist of post-tensioned concrete decks. 

Project Highlights:

  • Construction Materials Testing
  • Special Inspection 
  • Seven-Story, Above-Grade Parking Garage
  • Development of Maturity Index Curves for High Strength Concrete Mixes
  • Maturity Meter Installations, Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting
  • High Strength Post-Tensioned Concrete Decks
  • High Strength Concrete Columns
  • Accommodates 1,000 Cars

Ninyo & Moore is performing construction materials testing and special inspection services for the Industry Neighborhood Parking Structure Project located at 461 West 600 South in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The project includes construction of a seven-story parking garage as well as construction of a new private street (Elder Court) connecting 600 South and 700 South access.  Services included project coordination, technical support, and management; management of field services by a Utah-registered professional engineer; evaluation of the suitability of excavation bottoms and provision of supplemental recommendations; observation, sampling, and density testing of earthwork, including structure backfill and subgrade preparation, structural fill and aggregate base; observation of reinforcing steel bars, anchors, and formwork prior to structural concrete placement; documentation of pile installation; observation, sampling, and testing of concrete; observation of post-tension tendon placement, maturity index curves and maturity meter installations for each post-tensioned deck, maturity meter strength gain monitoring and post-tension tendon stressing; inspection of reinforcing steel and cells prior to placement of grout; sampling and testing grout, mortar, masonry units, and masonry prisms in accordance with project specifications; visual inspection and testing services during structural steel framing and field welding construction on-site; and compressive strength testing of concrete and masonry specimens sampled in the field.

Project Details




Salt Lake City, Utah

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