El Paso Electric Generating Facilities


El Paso, Texas

Scope of Work:

  • Air Quality

El Paso Electric Company (EPEC) operates electric generating facilities in El Paso, Texas and Sunland Park, New Mexico. These facilities include the Rio Grande, Newman, and Copper Generation stations. Each of these facilities operates either natural gas fired steam boilers or combustion turbines. Rio Grande and Newman Operate under Titles IV (the Acid Rain Program) of the Clean Air Act. In addition, El Paso Electric co-owns coal fired generating units in New Mexico subject to Title IV.

Ninyo & Moore provided EPEC services that assist in maintaining compliance with and the allowance tracking of, and acquisition for emission credits under the Title IV program. Ninyo & Moore provided agency liaison regarding technical conformance with provisions of 40 CFR Part 75, or with state requirements based on 40 CFR Part 60. These services included account reconciliation, preparation of documentation in support of compliance, and reporting. Ninyo & Moore facilitated trades with those parties needing to acquire additional allowances for a given compliance year. In addition to those services provided for emission trading under the federal Acid Rain Program, Ninyo & Moore provided emissions trading services related to the State of Texas’ Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (VERP). The VERP has an analogous structure to that of the federal program in which utility sources can reduce pollutant emissions and bank or trade credits to other affected sources in the State. Ninyo & Moore facilitated trades with those parties within the VERP that would be beneficial to the client’s operational needs.

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