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AWT Ozonation and Membrane Buildings


Las Vegas, Nevada

Scope of Work:

  • Special Inspection Services
  • Field and Laboratory Materials Testing Services
  • Crosshole Sonic Logging Surveys

Ninyo & Moore was retained by Clark County Water Reclamation district to perform grading observation and testing, and materials testing and inspection services during construction of the Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) Ozonation and Membrane Building project located 4300 South Hollywood Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada. The terms of the contract for Ninyo & Moore are for three years up to a cumulative $784,500 for the $52 Million Dollar Capital Improvements Project. The project included design and construction of an advanced water treatment system consisting of membrane filtration and ozonation facilities that will process 30-million gallons per day of secondary treated effluent from the main plant for discharge to reuse sites and surface discharge to the Las Vegas Wash.

The AWT Ozonation and Membrane Buildings were built upon drilled shaft foundations. Ninyo & Moore also performed Crosshole Sonic Logging Surveys for the drilled shaft foundations. The project also included construction of bulk chemical storage, flow control vault, drum screens, membrane filters, and an effluent metering and junction structure built upon mats and slab-on-grade with spread foundations. The purpose of our Quality Assurance services was to evaluate whether the contractor’s work was performed in accordance with the design geotechnical recommendations and project plans and specifications.

Project Challenge: The project included coordination of multiple entities including the Quality Control inspections for the contractor, Clark County Water Reclamation District inspectors, Clark County Building Department inspectors, and Quality Assurance inspections provided by Ninyo & Moore. Along with coordination challenges, there was a significant amount of daily inspection and laboratory reports that required categorical filing on the project worksite.

Innovative Solution: In order to coordinate the separate entities and inspectors, an email list was organized and generated by the general contractor indicating which special inspections were to be performed by each organization. Ninyo & Moore created a database to keep track of inspection reports and laboratory test results.

Services: Ninyo & Moore’s services included observing and in-place density testing during grading activities; inspecting foundation excavations including drilled shafts; inspecting and testing during concrete placement; performance of crosshole sonic logging of drilled shafts; inspecting structural masonry, expansion anchors, steel reinforcement, welds and structural steel; performing laboratory testing of soil, concrete, grout, and mortar; and preparing daily field observation reports, final grading reports, and final materials testing/inspection summary reports.