Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Service Examples

3D Printed Model from Drone Survey: ADOT/Atkins Riverside Parker rock fall hazard drone survey, Parker, Arizona
Drone Survey: 400-acre Nikola Motor Company Plant earth fissure evaluation, Casa Grande, Arizona
Site Observations: Successful projects depend on accurate up to date conditions and progress, that can be shared to those working remotely.
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Drone Survey: U.S. Bureau of Land Management 600-acre land swap, Blythe, California
3D Model Survey: Investigate a municipal pool-shell failure and subgrade deficiencies, City of Glendale, Arizona
Drone Survey (1 of 3): for the Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plan (SWPPP) of Phoenix Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona
3D and Orthophoto Drone Survey (2 of 3): for the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) planning at Phoenix Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona
Drone Survey Analysis and Profile (3 of 3): of the Storm Water Pollution and Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for Phoenix Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona
Imagery: Multi-visualizations, allowing a variety of representations. 3D imagery for construction site visits from your desktop.
Marketing: Display your project from any imaginable perspective. Build project awareness with amazing aerial photography and videography
Construction Progress Monitoring: Drone site observations help to verify line item completion.
Safety: Accesibility and monitoring for access to dangerous locations within any construction site without the risk of your personnel being injured
Drone Survey and HD Video Fly-Over: U.S. Border Patrol remediation project, Nogales, Arizona
Drone Survey (1 of 2 - Overview): 17-mile long West Davis Corridor in Davis County, Utah
Drone Survey Integration with Design-Build (2 of 2 - Detail): West Davis Corridor alignment at W 1700 S and Bluff Road, Davis County, Utah

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