San Marcos High School


San Marcos, California

Scope of Work:

  • Geohazards Assessment
  • Hazardous Building Material Assessment
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Construction Materials Testing
  • Special Inspection
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Written Report

Ninyo & Moore performed a geohazards assessment, geotechnical evaluation services, environmental consulting, construction inspection, and materials testing services for the $160 million reconstruction of San Marcos High School. The site was first graded with infrastructure installations to construct an interim campus of modular trailers on existing playfields and courts. Mass grading of the site was performed to provide for non-expansive soils beneath buildings. The new buildings include a four-story classroom/administration building, a one-story academics building, a two-story gym/classroom building, a two-story performing arts/theater building, a one-story mechanical/custodial building, and three buildings adjacent to athletic fields for concessions, restrooms, and storage. New parking lots, access roads, infrastructure, and playfields will also be built.

Project Challenge: Expansive site soils were identified in the geotechnical evaluation. Import granular materials were recommended to reduce distress to the new improvements. The builder was uncomfortable with securing the import materials due to costs and unknowns. Also, trucking disturbances would be great due to the large quantity of materials needed.

Innovative Solution: Ninyo & Moore worked with the builder to identify where cost savings could be realized in the grading. Alternative concepts were developed and studied to reduce the import quantities. Ninyo & Moore made further explorations of areas planned for cut to evaluate the possibility of mining granular materials from the site. We also provided new structural foundation recommendations to account for a possible reduction in the import materials that would underlie the site. When the builder found a source of import materials, we quickly sampled the site, reviewed background documentation, and performed laboratory testing to qualify the deposit for import.

Services: Ninyo & Moore's geohazards assessment included review of background information; a geologic reconnaissance; compilation and analysis the data obtained; and preparation of a report providing conclusions regarding the existence and mitigation of potentially hazardous geologic issues. Ninyo & Moore's geotechnical engineering services included drilling, logging, and sampling of 45 exploratory test borings; two-day infiltration testing of near-surface soils at locations in parking, playfield areas, and tennis court for design of stormwater infiltration and storage structures. Ninyo & Moore also provided geotechnical observation and testing services, materials testing, and special inspection services for the construction of the interim campus and the reconstruction of the permanent San Marcos High School. Additionally, Ninyo & Moore provided hazardous building materials oversight management services including the collection of as-needed samples of suspect asbestos-containing materials that were encountered during construction.

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