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Ninyo & Moore provides geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, soil and materials testing, and environmental services.
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Clients turn to Ninyo & Moore environmental consultants for innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges.

As a leading environmental sciences and engineering consulting firm, we are fully committed to being responsible, cost-efficient, and thorough in meeting our clients' project needs and objectives.

Ninyo & Moore's wide range of environmental consulting services includes:

  • Brownfields redevelopment program
  • Compliance audits, pollution prevention and waste management
  • Construction plans / monitoring / oversight
  • Due-Diligence property transfer services (Phase I and Phase II)
  • Groundwater resources
  • Landfill and burn dump evaluations
  • Litigation and expert witness
  • Methane assessments and mitigation design
  • Mining and mineral assessments
  • NEPA/CEQA technical studies
  • Permitting and compliance
  • Preliminary Endangerment Assessments (PEAs)
  • Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) evaluations
  • Regulatory negotiations
  • Remedial Action Planning and Remedial Action Design (RAP/RAD)
  • Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI/FS)
  • Risk assessments
  • School site assessment services
  • Site remediation and closure
  • Soil vapor intrusion evaluations
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) and monitoring
  • Underground storage tank services

We are proud to be the favored environmental consultant to a long list of clients in a wide range of industries and specialty fields, including:

  • Airports
  • Architects and engineers
  • Constructors
  • Developers
  • Federal, state and local governments
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Industrial, retail and commercial facilities
  • Law firms
  • Lending institutions
  • Oil, gas, and petrochemical companies
  • Marine ports and facilities
  • Planners
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Religious institutions
  • Right-of-way consultants
  • School districts
  • Transportation agencies
  • United States military
  • Utility companies and districts

Brownfield Services

Brownfields are abandoned, idled, or under-utilized industrial or commercial properties where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination. State, county, and local authorities recognize that restoring these Brownfields to economically viable properties benefits the local communities by creating jobs, improving further development potential, and increasing the local tax base.

The Environmental Protection Agency offers Brownfields assistance funding to states, counties, municipalities, and communities that apply and qualify for Assessment Grants, Revolving Loan Fund Grants, and Cleanup Grants.

Ninyo & Moore has a wide range of expertise to help your team realize the benefits of a Brownfields program. Ninyo & Moore's staff can contribute to your Brownfields development success by supplying the following services that address each of these program elements to the level of detail required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA):

  • Grant applications and voluntary cleanup program applications
  • Community involvement programs, such as developing contact lists, issuing fact sheets, and conducting or participating in public meetings
  • Phase I studies
  • Remedial investigations
  • Engineering evaluation and cost analysis (EECA) reports
  • Community relations plans
  • Remedial action plans or removal action workplans
  • Risk-based corrective action studies and establishing risk-based cleanup levels
  • Cleanup level negotiations with regulatory agencies

Due-Diligence Property Transfer Services

As part of the due-diligence, all commercial property buyers should conduct an environmental assessment. The reasons for such a study include:

  • Evaluate whether Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) exist
  • Often lender-required
  • Establish “Innocent Land Owner” defense (CERCLA)
  • Improve quality of portfolios (REITs, Other Investors)
  • Estimate cleanup costs to factor into purchase agreements and development plans

Due-Diligence assessments typically consist of Phase I assessments, which may be followed by Phase II assessments, as described below.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Phase I ESAs are routinely performed as part of ownership transfers, new mortgages, or loan refinances for commercial properties. In addition, a Phase I ESA is required to be conducted on Brownfield sites that are receiving Federal funding. The scope of services for a Phase I ESA is consistent with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) No. E1527, and the USEPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) standards.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Phase II ESAs are performed to evaluate the possible presence, nature, and extent of suspected contaminants in soil and/or groundwater that may be discovered through the performance of a Phase I ESA. The scope of work is typically presented as a Work Plan that may require regulatory agency approval prior to implementation. Field data collection typically consists of soil, groundwater or soil vapor sampling which is accomplished by drilling, trenching, soil vapor surveys, groundwater well installation, and other techniques. Oftentimes geophysical techniques are used to help in understanding the subsurface conditions targeting sampling efforts. Mobile analytical testing laboratories may be used in order to provide quick turnaround analytical data in the field. All investigations which involve the collection and interpretation of subsurface information are performed under the direction of appropriately licensed and experienced Ninyo & Moore Professional Engineers and Geologists.

School Site Assessment Services

Ninyo & Moore performs environmental services in accordance with the requirements of the California Department of Education (CDE) and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) for facility improvement projects throughout California. Our services include:

  • Phase I ESAs
  • Preliminary Environmental Assessments (PEAs)
  • Removal Action Work Plans and Remedial Action Plans (RAWs/RAPs)
  • Oil Well Assessment and Re-abandonment
  • Methane Gas Assessment and Mitigation
  • Construction Environmental Response
  • Pipeline Risk Analyses
  • Railroad Safety Studies
  • Electromagnetic Field Management Plans
  • Remedial Action Implementation
  • Hazardous Building Materials
  • Mold and Indoor Air Quality

Compliance Audits, Pollution Prevention & Waste Management

Ninyo & Moore performs multi-media compliance audits for municipal and industrial facilities, often on a routine/regular basis for high-risk tenants or multi-facility commercial operations. The scope of services includes the identification of applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulatory requirements, performance of an on-site audit, and reporting our findings and recommendations for corrective measures.

For successful environmental management, clients have engaged Ninyo & Moore to consider ways to reduce or eliminate toxic and solid waste generation and emissions within the framework of the enterprise. Effects on profitability, increasing civil and criminal liability, and greater public disclosure underscore the need for dedicated environmental management and more progressive approaches to managing waste and emissions.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) / California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Support

Ninyo & Moore has extensive experience providing technical support to planning and engineering firms for development, infrastructure, and linear construction projects. Ninyo & Moore is well-versed in the NEPA/CEQA process, and works with NEPA/CEQA service firms to augment their capabilities.

Our Technical Studies, Mitigation Measures and Mitigation Monitoring support the project entitlement, and include:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Geohazards
  • Mineral Resources
  • Sediment/Wastes

Construction Plans / Monitoring / Oversight

Often new construction or redevelopment occurs in areas with a long history of development which has introduced contaminants into the subsurface. In many cases, the contamination is not required to be cleaned up, yet the presence of the contamination needs to be incorporated into construction and waste disposal methods, worker protection, and off-site property protections. Our staff regularly provides construction environmental plans for use at construction sites which have, or may have, contaminated soil or groundwater. Plans that are typically prepared, and implementation monitored, by Ninyo & Moore include:

  • Soil Management Plans
  • Lead Compliance Plans
  • Hazardous Waste Management Plans
  • Excavation and Transportation Plans
  • Dust Control/Mitigation Plans
  • Community Health and Safety (H&S) Plans

Storm Water Services

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction and Land Disturbance Activities (Construction General Permit; CGP), combined with local jurisdiction orders, include numeric effluent limitations for storm water run-off, receiving water monitoring and reporting for construction sites, and annual reporting for all projects disturbing one or more acre of land. In addition, the regulations provide for site inspections, with enforcement resulting in fines. Our project management approach to our Storm Water Services includes having experienced Professional Engineers, Geologists and appropriately Certified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Developers/Practitioners (QSD/QSP) managing all projects.

A SWPPP program typically involves the following Ninyo & Moore services:

  • Preliminary Risk Level Assessment
  • Preparation of SWPPPs
  • SWPPP Inspections
  • Storm Water Monitoring and Sampling
  • Notice of Termination (NOT)

Risk Assessments

A risk assessment may be necessary in order to determine the risk to human health and the environment from contaminants in soil and/or groundwater. The risk assessment is a primary driver to determine the need and/or completeness of a remedial action. Ninyo & Moore has developed its Risk Assessment program to define and quantify the risk of hazardous substances to human health and the environment in accordance with EPA's Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund and other accepted risk models. A risk assessment provides technically defensible conclusions regarding the possible risk to human health or the environment from the contaminated media and will be based on current federal, state, or local guidelines. The risk assessment will include a discussion of strengths and weakness of the assessment by describing any uncertainties and explicitly stating assumptions and limitations, as well as providing the scientific basis and rationale for each assumption. Factors Ninyo & Moore typically considers when performing risk analyses include:

  • Contaminant exposure pathways and media of concern
  • Contaminant concentrations at potential exposure points
  • Relevant and significant human toxicological information of each chemical of concern
  • Risk characterization for each chemical and exposure pathway as potential human health hazards

Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study (RI/FS)

The purpose of an RI/FS is to further refine site and contamination characteristics with respect to designing and implementing an appropriate remedial action. The RI/FS work scope will vary significantly according to the specific site characteristics. Project team personnel are familiar with performing RI/FS's to assist our clients in selecting the most cost effective and technically sound remedial alternatives. We are able to advocate and negotiate with regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients in order to successfully complete remedial studies that result in practical and cost-effective remedies to allow site closure. All investigations which involve the collection and interpretation of subsurface information are performed under the direction of appropriately licensed and experienced Ninyo & Moore Professional Engineers and Geologists.

Remedial Action Planning and Remedial Action Design (RAP/RAD)

To meet our client's needs for meaningful remediation cost and effective remediation activities, Ninyo & Moore develops and prepares Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) for regulatory approval. RAPs are often supplemented with Remedial Action Designs (RADs) for cost estimating, contractor bidding, and permitting.

Site Remediation

On those sites for which our clients decide to undertake remediation, Ninyo & Moore will implement the RAP/RAD by hands-on remediation using its own staff and management or a number of appropriate specialty subcontractors.

Underground Storage Tank Services

Ninyo & Moore has substantial experience performing underground storage tank (UST) services including tank removal, site characterization, remediation, and site closure. UST removal services typically include obtaining local permits; local agency notification; tank excavation, triple rinsing, degassing and certification; and removal, manifesting, and disposal of tank and tank rinsate.