Geotechnical: Pavement Design

Ninyo & Moore personnel have extensive experience providing designs for new and rehabilitated pavements. Pavement design specifications are developed using standard design methods and the results of laboratory testing, including R-value and CBR testing of the subgrade soils. Pavement design recommendations include subgrade preparation and compaction requirements; thickness and type of base materials required for supporting the finished pavement; and thickness of concrete or asphalt concrete paving sections. Ninyo & Moore project personnel also have expertise developing optimum pavement repair strategies. Additionally, we evaluate special situations where pavement performance has not met expectations and provide objective pavement expertise in evaluating the causes of less than desired performance.

Pavement designs are performed in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of local, county, state, and federal agencies and include:

  • Flexible pavement (asphalt concrete, asphalt rubber hot mix)
  • Rigid pavement (portland cement concrete)
  • Superpave

Our pavement rehabilitation evaluations provide various alternatives for pavement rehabilitation, including:

  • Overlays and seals
  • Skin and crack patching
  • Reinforcing pavement fabrics
  • Removal and reconstruction
  • Cold in place recycling

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