Cabrillo Bridge Confined Space/Safety Assessment


Balboa Park, San Diego, California

Scope of Work:

  • Confined Space Evaluation
  • Biological and Hazardous Building Material Contaminant Evaluation
  • Work at Heights Evaluation
  • Electrical Lock-out-Tag-out Procedures
  • Training for all personnel

Ninyo & Moore provided safety and industrial hygiene consulting services for the Cabrillo Bridge Project, starting with an evaluation of the confined areas within the interstitial spaces of the bridge for safety hazards and confined space classification. Identified safety and health hazards including animal feces, asbestos, areas with fall hazards, and live electrical issues, all complicated the work, much of which was performed in respiratory protection. Health and safety training was provided by Ninyo & Moore Certified Safety Professionals during all phases of work.

Project Challenge: The project site presented serious safety issues including atmospheric hazards, fall hazards, airborne contaminants, and live electrical hazards, all of which had to be evaluated and controlled. Training in many facets of safety and health was necessary during all phases of entry into these spaces.

Innovative Solution: Ninyo & Moore utilized Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Certified Asbestos Consultants where their individual expertise was needed to sort out all the differing safety and health hazards, and form a logical and practical hierarchy of controls that would prevent serious exposure to these hazards while allowing work to be performed. The work was completed without incident.

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