Department of General Services

ninyo & moore engineers


Statewide California

Scope of Work:

  • On-Call Contracts
  • Soil and Groundwater Assessments
  • Hazardous Building Materials Investigations
  • Air Quality Assessments
  • Remediation Design
  • Remediation Oversight/ Monitoring

Project Challenge: Ninyo & Moore provided environmental engineering services under multiple Retainer Agreements with the Department of General Services for evaluation of asbestos, lead and mold; underground tanks; hazardous materials and wastes; and other contaminants in/on building materials, soil, groundwater, and air. Typical projects included the preparation of assessment reports, plans, drawings, and cost estimates for abatement, remediation and disposal of contaminants, and many included providing bidding/construction suport, abatement monitoring, and site closures. We worked closely with the DGS Project Managers to understand the work objectives and provide the best-value services to meet the objectives within the cost limitations of the Retainer Agreement format.

Innovative Solution:

School for the Deaf – Termiticides in Soil: Ninyo & Moore consulted with the DGS PM; developed a workplan and performed a soil assessment that evaluated the potential extent of the contamination; compared the results to regulatory guidelines; conducted a construction worker exposure assessment (by an in-house CIH); and provided other consultative services and recommendations.

State Mental Hospital Roof Replacements – Asbestos, Lead and Mold: Roof leaks necessitated the replacement of building roofing systems for large occupied structures at each facility. Work was planned and conducted to minimize access needs to secure resident areas. We prepared reports, specifications, and cost estimates.

Reservoir Recreation Area Maintenance Yard – UST Release: Performed a site investigation and prepared a Corrective Action Plan (CAP). Because of the close proximity of the reservoir (a drinking water source), the site is considered a high risk site by the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Based on the prior assessment data and data produced by our investigation, we prepared a CAP which included supplemental investigation, soil vapor extraction evaluation, and interim measures such as periodic free product removal.

State Hospital Steam Tunnels – Asbestos: Routing of new and replacement steam lines was planned. Since much of the pipelines were buried, assumptions were made that they contained asbestos. During contractor work, we made observations which allowed the excavated pipes to be removed as non-asbestos containing waste.

State Park Stamp Mill – Metals in Soil: The State was evaluating the possible development of the historic former mining ore mill site for visitor access. Ninyo & Moore conducted a limited survey and sampling of soils in the mill vicinity to assess the possible soil contaminants, particularly metals, from the former mill operation, compared the results to typical health screening levels, and prepared a report of our findings and recommendations for site improvement.

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