Industrial Hygiene: Respiratory Protection Programs and Hearing Conservation

Respiratory Protection Program Design

Whenever respiratory protective equipment (including emergency use self-rescuer devices or even filtering facepieces) is mandated by an employer, a written respiratory protection and medical surveillance program must be developed and implemented. Before use, an industrial hygienist should evaluate the suitability of a respirator for any intended uses. Ninyo & Moore is experienced with designing respiratory protection programs and seeing them through to proper implementation.

Hearing Conservation Programs

Ninyo & Moore industrial hygienists are experienced in the development and implementation of hearing conservation programs. The program must see that proper monitoring and audiometric testing are performed by qualified personnel, proper hearing protection devices are identified and used, engineering controls are implemented when feasible, accurate records are reviewed and maintained, and personnel working in hazardous noise areas are properly trained. Initial assessments typically review any existing programs, and perform realtime monitoring to assess individual exposures. Appropriate action is then recommended to correct any deficiencies noted.

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