McClellan-Palomar Airport Runway


Carlsbad, California

Scope of Work:

  • Quality Control Testing
  • Quality Control Plan Preparation
  • Geotechnical Observation
  • Materials Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Data Compilation and Review
  • Quality Control Testing Summary Reports

Ninyo & Moore provided geotechnical observation and testing services as part of the contractor quality control program during reconstruction of Runway 6/24 at Palomar Airport. The project consists of reconstructing the runway with a new 5-inch asphalt concrete pavement over a cold central plant recycled base from the reclaimed asphalt pavement, placed over a cement treated subgrade. The project included the placement of approximately 10,000 tons of asphalt concrete meeting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) specifications.

Project Challenge: The runway rehabilitation was conducted on a fast-track schedule as the Palomar Airport has a single runway. The runway was shut down during five separate one-week periods, with a one-week break between each shut-down period. This was done to allow planes to use the runway periodically during the open periods instead of closing the runway over a longer period. In order to allow the intermittent use of the runway, the new runway sections had to be completed within the allocated closure time. Significant monetary penalties were to be assessed to the contractor for going over time. Ninyo & Moore was tasked with performing quality control testing during paving of the asphalt concrete, collection of bulk samples during the paving operations and cores from the completed runway, and performance of laboratory testing. Quality control testing was required within guidelines and strict time constraints set in the FAA project requirements.

Innovative Solution: The contractor conducted the work using a continuous schedule during the shut-down periods. The County of San Diego and the contractor worked closely to partner together in planning and sequencing of the construction activities. Ninyo & Moore provided quality control testing per the project requirements and within the project schedule by closely coordinating between the contractor, the asphalt production plant, and the County's quality assurance testing. Ninyo & Moore had staff at the field and in the laboratory on a continuous basis during paving of the runway until completion of the quality control laboratory testing.

Services: Our role was to represent the contractor in conducting quality control testing per the FAA specifications. Our services included the preparation of the Quality Control Plan for the asphalt concrete paving, participation in planning and partnering meetings with the County and the contractor, field quality control testing using a nuclear moisture/density gauge during compaction of the asphalt concrete, taking cores of the new pavement, performance of laboratory quality control testing, and compilation of quality control data into reports for submittal to the County.

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