Programmatic Construction Safety Orientation


San Diego, California

Scope of Work:

  • Develop a construction safety orientation for contractors¬†
  • Develop a construction safety orientation for visitors/vendors
  • Develop and present a train-the-trainer program for district personnel

Ninyo & Moore provided safety consulting services for a local Community College District involving a review of their existing procedures and training capabilities; preparation of separate training programs for district contractors, visitors, vendors and district personnel; and development of a train-the-trainer program for each training track. Ninyo & Moore utilized on-staff Certified Safety Professionals to perform the initial assessments of existing programs and to develop the more comprehensive training programs required by the district.

Project Challenge: Safety training programs were needed for a widely varying audience ranging from people with no experience at construction sites, to professional safety managers of existing district contractors. These programs needed to be implemented in a wide range of field situations, some with limited audio-visual capabilities. In addition, existing contractors had to review and accept the programs, which in some cases, required major changes to the way they perform training and use of subcontractors.

Innovative Solution: Ninyo & Moore's Certified Safety Professionals developed two audio-visual tracks for field training, one for casual observers with little or no construction experience and one for contractors with existing safety programs. The training systems could be utilized with sophisticated projection equipment, laptop computers or, if necessary, simple handouts that were designed by the safety experts. A train-the-trainer program was presented to prospective district and contractor trainers to present teaching techniques and answer their questions. The training program continues to be used today.

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