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ACI Engineering Greatness Podcast For Young Professionals by Young Professionals Featuring Tyler Olfers & Hunter Garrison 

Ninyo & Moore is proud to present Hunter Garrison’s episode of “ACI Engineering Greatness Podcast For Young Professionals by Young Professionals featuring Tyler Olfers and Hunter Garrison.”  He will continue to be involved in future episodes by finding other young professionals to share their experiences.

Hunter began his tenure at Ninyo & Moore in 2006 as a Laboratory Technician and quickly exhibited interest in doing more. He was promoted to Laboratory Manager and his involvement in associations such as the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and Arizona Rock Products Association (ARPA) soon followed. For the past 10 years, Hunter has been very active in these organizations that not only support our industry but provide an opportunity to mentor young professionals just starting their careers. Hunter has served on a variety of committees and held many board positions, and is currently the 2022-2024 President of the ACI Arizona Chapter, and was recently appointed the West Regional Representative for the ACI National Young Professional Group. He recently attended the ACI Leadership Training and Roundtable networking session at the ACI Headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan and was interviewed about his experiences with ACI and leadership training for the Concrete International Magazine.

Congratulations Hunter for being featured in this national podcast and on all your successes!

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