Presentation: Estimating Stockpile Volumes using Drone Surveying Technology


Transforming Stockpile Surveys with Cutting-Edge Drone Technology Presentation at the 2024 Battelle Conference     

Ninyo & Moore showcased their drone capabilities at the 2024 Battelle Thirteenth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, held in Denver, CO on June 5th, as a platform (oral) presentation.

Background/Objectives: Our team embarked on a project to assess a 20-acre parcel marked by numerous stockpiled soil and debris materials from past city construction activities. The objective was to estimate the volume of these materials and develop a sampling plan for further analysis.

Approach/Activities: Utilizing a Phantom 4 Pro unmanned drone, we conducted a comprehensive survey of the site, collecting topographic data and identifying stockpile locations. Ground control points were employed for precise results, and DroneDeploy software was utilized to process the collected data into three-dimensional models and digital elevation maps.

Results: The drone survey revealed approximately 550 individual stockpile locations, allowing for accurate volume estimations and material categorization. The analytical results of the samples collected provided insights into waste stream designations and guide future site management decisions.

Benefits/Cost-Savings: The use of drone surveying technology offers significant benefits and cost savings to our clients. It provides rapid, accurate, and comprehensive data collection, reducing the time and labor required for traditional surveying methods. This technology also enhances safety by minimizing the need for personnel to physically access potentially hazardous areas. Additionally, the high-resolution data and precise volumetric calculations help in efficient project planning and resource allocation, leading to cost-effective site management and compliance with regulatory requirements.


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