PacifiCorp Gateway West Transmission Line

This 70-mile lone transmission line, located in Wyoming, involved the drilling of over 50 exploratory borings to depths of 30 to 50 feet. 

Project Highlights:

  • Geotechnical Engineering 
  • 70-Mile Long Transmission Line

Ninyo & Moore provided geotechnical engineering services for the PacifiCorp Gateway West Transmission Line which is located in Converse, Natrona, and Carbon Counties, Wyoming. The project consists of an approximately 70-mile-long transmission line extending from Glenrock to Medicine Bow in Wyoming.  Ninyo & Moore’s services included drilling, logging, and sampling of 52 exploratory borings to depths of 30 feet and 50 feet for Point of Tangent (POT) and Point of Intersection (PI) transmission towers, respectively; laboratory testing to evaluate physical and engineering properties of the subsurface soils; review, analyses, and incorporation of geotechnical data from the previous geotechnical report into our geotechnical report; compilation and analyses of the field and laboratory data; and preparation of draft and final versions of our geotechnical report providing the findings and recommendations of our study.

Project Details


PacifiCorp c/o Power Engineers


Glenrock, Wyoming

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