Environmental: National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)/ California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Support

Ninyo & Moore has extensive experience providing technical support to planning and engineering firms for development, infrastructure, and linear construction projects. Ninyo & Moore is well-versed in the NEPA/CEQA process, and works with NEPA/CEQA service firms to augment their capabilities.

Services that are typically provided as part of these studies include:

  • Phase I ESA which includes an analysis of the significance of effects associated with hazardous materials with respect to CEQA/NEPA
  • Phase II ESA which is often performed as a continuance of the Phase I ESA if contamination is detected or suspected to further evaluate the possible contaminants of concern
  • Geotechnical and Soils technical studies to provide a general overview of potential impacts related to geologic and geotechnical hazards and conditions associated with implementation of the project
  • Hazardous Materials evaluations and studies potentially including sampling and analysis of hazardous materials and wastes including data validation, and asbestos- and leadcontaining materials sampling

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