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Ninyo & Moore knows schools. We provide geotechnical, environmental and materials testing and inspection services for hundreds of K-12, Community College, University and private school clients. Throughout the 35 year history of the firm, we have worked on more than 7,000 school projects, and are extremely knowledgeable about the codes and regulations involved with these educational facilities. One of our founding Principal Engineers has been a member of the DSA advisory committee for the update of the 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 Administrative Code. He also participated on the structural task force for the preparation of DSA amendments to the California Building Code during the 2019 Triennial Code Development Cycle. He was part of a select group of professionals that provided guidance for the modification of the DSA 103, Structural Test & Special Inspections which directs how and what testing and inspections are performed on all projects governed by the DSA for school projects. Additionally, he was a member of the 2017 DSA Shotcrete Exam Development Committee that developed the ICC-administered exam for the DSA Shotcrete inspector certification; and he served on the 2017 DSA Project Inspector Advisory Task Force. He has been instrumental in the revision of a number of Interpretive Regulations that directly affect the servicing of school projects.

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K-12 Education

Ninyo & Moore has extensive experience in the performance of services for K-12 facilities. We have served educational clients since the inception of the firm and they remain the backbone of our clientele today. This experience includes whole site modernizations, new and rehabilitated classrooms, portable and relocatable structures, roof replacements, solar carports, athletic fields and gymnasiums, aquatic facilities, theaters and performing arts buildings, cafeterias and food services, parking lots, and other infrastructure.

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Community College

Ninyo & Moore provides the full range of services for our community college clients. We are extremely experienced in the design, construction and rehabilitation of campus structures. This experience includes such elements as new classroom buildings, athletic fields and stadiums, aquatic facilities, parking structures and garages, police substations, cafeterias, electrical buildings, amphitheaters, vehicle charging stations, planetariums, solar carports, and other infrastructure.

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Higher Education

Ninyo & Moore offers a variety of geotechnical engineering, environmental and materials testing and inspection services for higher education/university clients. We have extensive experience with a range of campus structures including classroom buildings, student housing, administrative facilities, student centers, pedestrian and bike paths, dining halls, central plants, athletic fields and stadiums, aquatic facilities, parking structures and garages, and other infrastructure.

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