Clients of Ninyo & Moore receive the services of professional geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists that are familiar with today’s building codes, design standards, and construction practices. Our geotechnical professionals are proficient in a variety of geotechnical tasks, including field instrumentation and monitoring, foundation design, liquefaction evaluation, pavement design, evaluation of retaining structures including shoring, seismic design including site-specific ground motion study, time history analyses, and spectral matching, and slope stability analyses.

Geotechnical engineering projects typically involve:

Reviewing background information such as relevant geotechnical reports, project plans, professional literature, and other pertinent data; conducting field studies in order to assess the nature of the on-site geotechnical conditions including the subsurface soil characteristics and depth to groundwater; laboratory testing to assess the nature and behavior of soils; performing engineering analyses to address slope stability, liquefaction, swell and settlement potential, seismic site response, foundation alternatives, pavement thickness, and percolation rates; and preparing project design and construction reports.

Our project experience includes: Airports, Bridges, Commercial Developments, Dams, Energy - Fossil Fuel, Energy - Renewable, Energy - Transmission & Distribution, Harbor & Offshore Structures, High-Rise Structures, Highways, Hospitals, International Developments and Infrastructure, K-12 Education, Landfills, Military, Mining, Municipal Structures, Parks & Recreation, Pipelines & Pump Stations, Rail & Light Rail Transit, Reservoirs & Tanks, Treatment Plants, and Tunnels.

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