Geotechnical: Foundation Design

Ninyo & Moore routinely provides geotechnical foundation recommendations for support of all types of structures, including public and commercial buildings and facilities, bridges, utility plants, and waterfront structures.

Ninyo & Moore is experienced in providing site-specific recommendations that include:

  • Foundation type and size
    • spread footings
    • mat
    • driven piles
    • drilled piles/caissons
  • Allowable bearing, lateral, and uplift capacities
  • Modulus of subgrade reaction
  • Estimated settlements and settlement rates
  • Construction recommendations for mitigation of:
    • expansive soils
    • compressible soils
    • collapsible soils
    • liquefiable soils
    • corrosive soils
    • saturated/weak soils
  • Constructability considerations
  • Subgrade preparation
  • Lateral load resistance (passive pressures and friction coefficients)
  • Dynamic or transient loads

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