Geotechnical: Slope Stability Analysis

The stability of natural and man-made slopes is dependent on a number of factors, including site geology, slope inclination, strength of soils, bedding conditions in formational material, presence of landslides, construction activities, and ground shaking. Ninyo & Moore utilizes state-of-the-art modeling to perform slope stability analyses for both planned and existing slopes, as well as to provide repair recommendations for slope failures. Typically, these analyses are conducted based on in-house laboratory tests performed on samples obtained from exploratory excavations, such as borings or test pits. If a slope is found to have an inadequate factor-of-safety, we often design shear keys, buttresses, or stability fills to improve the stability of the slope

Ninyo & Moore has utilized a number of stability methods to provide adequate factors of safety to repair failed slopes and design new slopes. These methods include:

  • Stability fills
  • Shear keys
  • Shear pins
  • Buttresses
  • Geogrid reinforcement
  • Lime/cement treatment

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