About: Capabilities & Teaming

Ninyo & Moore possesses a variety of professional certifications and licenses required for the performance of geotechnical, environmental, and construction phase inspection and testing services. Ninyo & Moore’s skilled personnel maintain professional licensure across the United States, and our field personnel are certified to perform a variety of field testing and inspection services. Ninyo & Moore’s testing laboratories are accredited and certified by local and national organizations. Additionally, we hold Contractors Licenses in the states of California and Arizona.

Teaming Opportunities: MBE, CBE & LBE

Ninyo & Moore is able to help clients satisfy their MBE/LBE goals and also provide subcontracting opportunities to other D/M/W/DVBE entities. As a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) with various agencies and a Community/Local Business Enterprise (C/LBE) in several regions, Ninyo & Moore is familiar with the goals of municipalities and government agencies relative to the utilization of small, disadvantaged and minority-,woman-, and disabled veteran-owned business enterprises (S/D/M/W/DVBE). 
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