About: Sustainability


At Ninyo & Moore, we believe the key to successful sustainability practices is a clear understanding of what is valued. In addition, successful sustainability programs, like living systems, are not stagnant, but constantly evolving and changing. Ninyo & Moore is committed to reducing our environmental impact and has implemented sustainability practices and goals within our firm. We also support and assist our clients in reducing the negative impacts on our environment.

  • Ninyo & Moore’s Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SP) create projects that deliver environmental value to communities, as well as improvements in quality of life. Our certified professionals guide infrastructure design to achieve sustainability objectives.
  • We understand local and governmental agency policy objectives regarding LEED projects, and are ready to assist in optimizing project sites with regard to durability, maintenance and sustainability from a geotechnical and environmental perspective. Our LEED AP (Accredited Professional) staff have worked on numerous sustainable projects, including geotechnical design, soils and materials testing and inspection, and assisting with sustainability programs and reports for Los Angeles World Airports and San Francisco International Airport. We are experienced with providing recommendations for sustainable projects. In addition, we can provide recommendations for recycling materials, such as concrete and asphalt pavement materials, to be processed and reused as base materials for new structures and paved areas, such as parking and playfield areas, and reducing the amount of waste materials.
  • We positively affect our clients during implementation of our remediation practices. Proper waste segregation not only saves money but also saves fuel costs when wastes do not need to be transported to distant disposal facilities. Treatment and reuse or reinjection of groundwater during a remediation project helps maintain a scarce local resource in arid areas.
  • Cleanup of historically impacted properties (Brownfield sites) also communicates environmental, economic, and social stewardship to the community. This can have the effect of creating jobs in the local community, increasing goodwill, and serve as an inspiration to others to take action.
  • Ninyo & Moore utilizes BIO-CYLINDERTM molds for concrete test samples. These eco-friendly, biodegradable cylinders meet ASTM C39, C192, C470, and AASHTO M205, 39, and T23 test standards.

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